“Set their Feet on the Firm and Stable Earth”

A reminder.

Gail Chumbley


My mother has made it quite clear that she wants to live at home until the very end. Any member of our family even dare to think ‘assisted living’ can expect a reaming on the scale of a super nova. Mom has no reason to transplant elsewhere. She has her recliner, her adjustable mattress, her crossword puzzles, and her memories in that house. For her, there is no other place; after 52 years she lives in the center of her universe.

Oddly enough her story somehow opens the gates for a brief narrative of why people do move—in this instance, immigration to America.

The 19th Century American humor magazine, Puck once declared that “Princes’ don’t immigrate,” and that truth has found a lot of support in our country’s historic record. Just a glimpse of desperate footage at the Hungarian border powerfully demonstrates this 19th century truism. Immigrants to American shores…

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