Women-Relying on the Kindness of Others

Sifting through the stacks of Chumbley mementos, especially scrapbooks and journals, I sensed a distinct female flavor to the materials.  Women, arms around each other, posed in front of fences, on steps, on porches, at the beach, waiting it seems for a man to lead them home. 

In my book, River of January, a California relative married a physician, presiding over a grand home.  The rootless women in her family gravitated west to live with her, and it appears there were no questions asked.  Women without husbands found sanctuary with married family members, as a matter of course. 

Helen, the protagonist in River supported her mother from childhood on, performing across stages in North America, South America, and Europe.  This reverse support system, the daughter financially carrying her parent raised no eyebrows.  The mother expected care.  

Once Helen married, the arrangement became a problem for her new husband. 

Times were changing.     

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