Polish Up Those Chip Cards!


River of January: Figure Eight available at Midnight!



November First!


Feel like this?


Cheer up, and read the rest of this marvelous story!

River of January: Figure Eight goes on sale after midnight, Halloween night! www.river-of-january.com.

Also available on Amazon.com

This is Happening!


“River of January: Figure Eight” is ready on November 1st! Ordering begins after midnight, on All Hallows Eve.

Go to www.river-of-january.com or to Amazon.com. If you haven’t read the first installment, “River of January,” go to our webpage at www.river-of-january.com or to Amazon.com

Also available on Kindle.

Divine Nine


River of January: Figure Eight arrives November 1, 2016!

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s more news!

Ten Days!


Only ten days until “River of January: Figure Eight”.



The Twelve Days of River


“River of January: Figure Eight” is nearing it’s November 1st release. Get ready to continue the adventure. Order details coming soon!


Center Theater Ice Show

Rockefeller Center, 1943

See more at www.river-of-january.com. Book one, “River of January” still available on Kindle.


This giveaway is postponed due to flawed data. As soon as we sort it out, the giveaway offer will resume.

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Gail Chumbley is the author of River of January and River of January: Figure Eight, due out soon.

A New Musical Icetravaganza


Seventeen Days and counting until the release of “River of January: Figure Eight.” Books will be available at http://www.river-of-january.com.