Gail Chumbley

My name is Gail Chumbley,, and I am a late entrant to the writing game. As a career American History educator I believe the urgency of remembering our collective past is more vital than ever.  

My two-part memoir, River of January, and River of January: Figure Eight combines my devotion to American History in general, and to two extraordinary people, Chum, and Helen. The lives of these two personalities jump off the pages with a vibrancy proving truth is far more extraordinary than fiction. 

Helen in a film cameo, 1931

Chum flying the Martin Mars 1945

In addition to the books, my interests and expertise cover topics from the founding of our nation to the present day. I have completed a stage play depicting the life of Senator Henry Clay, and another on the devolution of slavery in antebellum America.

If you have further interest, feel free to respond to my blog, or send an email to

Our duty lies in passing our American Story to our young, both in personal stories, and the larger narrative.

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