Gail Chumbley

"May our children and our children's children to a thousand generations, continue to enjoy the benefits conferred upon us by a united country . . ."
Abraham Lincoln, 1862
Site of Lewis & Clark’s Fort Clatsop with my grandson

My name is Gail Chumbley, and I deal in the realm of memory. As a career American History teacher, it is my view that the urgency of remembering our collective past is essential. The story of the United States is a powerful narrative of resilience, an effort we are obliged to sustain and pass on to future generations. When we forget our story, we forget who we are as a nation.

Beginning with a two-part memoir, River of January, and River of January: Figure Eight, my interests and expertise also covers topics from the founding of our nation to the present day.  In addition I have completed a stage play, Clay depicting the life of Senator Henry Clay, and another, Wolf By The Ears on the beginnings of race slavery in America.

If you have further interest, feel free to respond to my blog, or send an email to

*Never forget our duty lies in passing our American Story to our young, both in personal stories, and through the larger narrative.

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