Women of All Nations

“Women of All Nations,” was a 1931 Twentieth Century Fox film, starring Victor Mclaglen and Greta Nissen. Helen Thompson, a central figure in the two-part memoir “River of January,” and “River of January: Figure Eight,” appeared in a number of scenes in this film, including this closeup.

Helen had made her way to Los Angeles and auditioned for every studio possible in Depression-era Hollywood. Here Helen appears as the harem girl without the veil. The sheik is played by the legendary Bela Lugosi, the Silver Screen’s original Dracula. Bogart appeared in this film somewhere too, but isn’t readily identifiable.

It’s the only film footage of Helen that I can find.


Gail Chumbley is the author of the two-part memoir “River of January,” and “River of January: Figure Eight.” Books are available at http://www.river-of-january.com and on Kindle.


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    I’ve written two separate blogs today. Really bad stuff. So I’ll let Helen show us her stuff again.

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