Promising Start


It’s Sunday, it’s raining, and my husband is watching golf. I have given myself credit for remaining conscious with so many reasons to go back to bed.

But I’m excited. The book talk on the radio yesterday came off smoothly.

Two days ago I spoke with the radio announcer on the phone filling her in a bit on the story.  Either she was in a hurry to get back on the air or simply wasn’t impressed. That was okay.  I am accustomed to impatience when I start to blather.  After all, I taught school for decades.

However, despite her indifference, I decided to bring along some photos of my protagonists, Helen and Chum.  Before we went on the air I shared them with the disc jockey.  It was awesome.  She lit up like a Christmas Tree.  “I had no idea,” came out of her mouth.  “I love this era, it was so glamorous,” she added.  I simply replied “I know.”  And the interview began.

All someone has to say is “tell me about your book,” and I am off to the races.  She grew as animated as I felt, and brought up the photos a couple of times during the interview for listeners to understand. I think that it was a promising start to my book promotion. Not that everyone will like River of January  mind you, but just a chance to explain the story, and how it evolved gave me heart.

My publisher, Yvonne Rousseau at Point Rider Publishing saw what I saw from the beginning. She has championed the book more than once when I was ready to abort the mission. Yvonne has proven very proficient at hand-holding when necessary. And her daughter, Brook Rousseau, the artist behind the cover design, has been nearly mystic in capturing the story in a bold image. I think many books will sell simply because of her exquisite design. A big thanks to Yvonne and Brooke–a true team of pros.

I suppose this promising start to River’s launch is exciting enough to keep my eyes open on this wet, gray day. In spite of listening to soft-spoken analysts murmuring boring commentary from the Cadillac World Golf Championship.

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