About Gail Chumbley



My name is Gail Chumbley  and I am a new author. A recent retiree following thirty three years in American History classrooms, I am now turning my mad skills to writing.  With years and years of regaling stories of the past, the time had come to write this epic,  River of January as a complete memoir.

I have enjoyed the good fortune of  combining my love of biography and history into a unique, compelling, real life saga.  If you enjoy creative non-fiction, and an absolutely original tale, look to River of January to carry you away to another era, another world.  Please visit “River’s” webpage, www.river-of-january.com for additional details, a photo gallery and ordering options.

Remember-without people the past is geology

6 comments on “About Gail Chumbley

  1. Larry Harmacinski says:

    Your are more than correct. I visited Monty in Florida before his passing, as I am a Waco guy.
    Let me know your email. He and Francis were quite the item and he took her passing in the crash very hard to his last day.

  2. Michael Hollander says:

    Mrs. Chumbley I can’t wait to read your book. You were by far the best teacher I had in all my years of School. You always encouraged a positive learning environment environment. My favorite part of your classes were the specific stories you told relating to the history that we were learning at the time. You always created an enriching environment and truly helped foster my love for history.

  3. […] avid history junkie from a young age, Gail Chumbley never meant to be a writer. She spent the first half of her life clocking in 33 years as an […]

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