About Gail Chumbley


Gail Chumbley is an author of primarily American History topics. At this writing she has published a two-volume memoir, River of January and River of January: Figure Eight.  Also in the works is a screenplay based on the memoir, titled, Dancing on Air, co-written by partner, Ray Richmond.  Gail and Ray are also working on a stage play concerning the life of Senator Henry Clay.     Her 33-year career in history education has been recognized over the years with: the Preserve America award in 2004, co-sponsored by the White House and Gilder Lehrman Institute, the Outstanding Teacher of American History from National Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington DC, in the Congressional Record of the 109th Congress, with remarks given by Senator Mike Crapo on May 12, 2005.  The Senator highlighted her work in the Veterans Oral History Project in conjunction with the Library of Congress, and the two-year campaign with her students to raise funds for the National World War Two Memorial, collecting over $26,000.  She and her student-leaders delivered the check to Senator Robert Dole in 2002 and attended the groundbreaking and dedication of the memorial.     In 1994 she met her future husband,  Chad Chumbley, who brought with him the dramatic story of his aviation pioneer father, and glamorous showgirl mother. With little understanding of the width and breadth of his parents’ accomplishments, the massive accumulation of papers and records, surfaced when they cleaned out his childhood home.  Though nearly twenty years in the making Gail used the archive to write, River of January and River of January: Figure Eight. The opinions included in this blog are Gail’s alone. She welcomes comments, but asks that if you disagree please be civil.

6 comments on “About Gail Chumbley

  1. Larry Harmacinski says:

    Your are more than correct. I visited Monty in Florida before his passing, as I am a Waco guy.
    Let me know your email. He and Francis were quite the item and he took her passing in the crash very hard to his last day.

  2. Michael Hollander says:

    Mrs. Chumbley I can’t wait to read your book. You were by far the best teacher I had in all my years of School. You always encouraged a positive learning environment environment. My favorite part of your classes were the specific stories you told relating to the history that we were learning at the time. You always created an enriching environment and truly helped foster my love for history.

  3. […] avid history junkie from a young age, Gail Chumbley never meant to be a writer. She spent the first half of her life clocking in 33 years as an […]

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