Rhythm in My Nursery Rhymes sung by Dinah Miller

Another Song Helen performed in Rio.
Merry Christmas
(lyrics vary in this version)
I could learn my ABC’s, Bring home A’s instead of D’s
And my Mom and Dad I’d please if I had rhythm in my nursery rhyme

In the corner on a stool I sat ’cause I broke a rule
But I’d show them that I’m no fool If I had rhythm in my nursery rhyme

Tra-la-la-la-la won’t get me far — Lately I’ve been thinkin’
If I had a little bit of rhythm, I’d could be a Washington or a Lincoln

Simple Simon at the fair Met a Pie man who was there
About those two guys I don’t care
‘Cause I need rhythm in my nursery rhyme

Lullabies were all OK, when my Mama sang ‘em in her day
But I’d rather hear them in a swingin’ way
‘Cause I need rhythm in my nursery, rhythm in my nursery,
Rhythm in my nursery rhymes – boo dah beep