Two Rivers


Part one of the two volume series, “River of January,” is taken from the letters and papers of two extraordinary figures: Mont Chumbley and Helen Thompson. “River” examines the dizzying development of the Twentieth Century through the lives of these two remarkable adventurers. Readers journey the globe on lurching passenger cars, aboard romantic ocean liners, and breathlessly racing through the shrouded night sky.

Book two, “Figure Eight” follows the newlyweds as they migrate from Manhattan to Los Angeles in the years leading to World War Two. Determined to fight, he courses through turbulent Pacific skies, while she reinvents herself as a professional ice skater. Ultimately, the couple find their way to Miami enjoying the good life in America’s post-war boom.

Navigate through time and place with this dashing aviator and his beautiful show girl-wife. Follow exhilarating flights in peacetime and war, and her new life as wife, mother, and professional ice skater. Seaplanes soar over war-torn Pacific islands, and flashing ice skates glide across silvery rinks.

This true saga revisits a glamorous era, where America found itself tested by war, and enriched by the unprecedented prosperity that followed.

Gail Chumbley, an independent writer, is author of River of January and River of January: Figure Eight. Also available on and at

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